2023 Halley Desk Lamp
1969 Modulo Sintes Pre-fab kitchen-bathroom module
1966 Automobile Body Study for automobile body (model)
1965 Grillo Telephone
1964 Algol Portable TV set
1964 Knife Sharpener Knife and blade sharpener
Necchi Pavia Knife Sharpener by Richard Sapper
1964 Television 16 inch television set
16 inch television set Telefunken by Richard Sapper
1964 K 1340 Polyethylene children chair
1964 Radio Transistor radio
Transistor radio Telefunken by Richard Sapper
1963 Lambda Sheet-metal chair
Lambda sheet-metal chair by Richard Sapper with Marco Zanuso
1963 TS 502 Radio
TS 502 Radio Brionvega by Richard Sapper
1962 Doney Television set
Doney Television Set Richard Sapper with Marco Zanuso
1962 Match Transistor radio
Match 1962 Transistor radio Telefunken
1962 Necchi 564 Sewing machine
Necchi 564 sewing machine
1962 Industrial Sewing Machine Industrial sewing machine (prototype)
1960 Static Table clock
1960 Helios Clock (prototype)
Lorenz Helios clock by Richard Sapper
1959 Transmaster 7 Transistor radio
Transmaster 7 1959 Transistor radio La Rinascente
1958 Hotmaster Hair dryer
Hotmaster 1959 Hair dryer La Rinascente
1957 Moped Drawings for Moped
1958 Drawings for Moped IMN Napoli
1958 Lamp Ceiling lamp
1956 Rearview Mirror for Mercedes 300 SL Roadster
Rearview Mirror 1956 for Mercedes 300 SL Roadster Daimler Benz
1980 Escargot Kitchen timer
Escargot 1980 Kitchen timer Terraillon
1979 Sapper Chair Executive office chairs & seating
1979 Folding Scooter Study for City Traffic in Milan (prototype)
1978 9090 Espresso coffee maker
9090 Espresso coffee maker Alessi - Richard Sapper
1977 TS 505 Transistor radio
TS 505 1977 Transistor radio Brionvega by Richard Sapper with Marco Zanuso
1977 Microsplit 320 Stopwatch
Microsplit 320 1977 Stopwatch Heuer
1977 Microsplit 370 Wrist stopwatch
Microsplit 370 1977 Wrist stopwatch Heuer
1976 Microsplit Stopwatch
Microsplit 1976 Stopwatch Heuer
1976 Plico Folding beverage trolley
Plico 1976 Folding beverage trolley
1976 Folding Bicycle Folding sheet-metal bicycle
Folding sheet-metal bicycle Batavus
1976 Bus for Bicycles Experimental project
Bus for Bicycles 1976 Experimental project FIAT
1976 Algol Portable TV set (2nd edition)
Algol 1976 Portable TV set (2nd edition) Brionvega
1974 Concetto 101 Hi-Fi stereo system
Concetto 101 1975 Hi-Fi stereo system
1975 Misura Office furniture system
Misura 1975 Office furniture system
1974 X 126 Softnose Experimental automobile (prototype)
X 126 Softnose
1974 Genia Modular sheet-metal bookshelf system
Genia 1974 Modular sheet-metal bookshelf system
1972 Tizio Desk lamp
1972 Hastil Fountain pen
Hastil 1972 Fountain pen Aurora by Richard Sapper with Marco Zanuso
1972 Minitimer Kitchen timer
Richard Sapper Kitchen timer Terraillon
1972 Polivalente Kitchen extractor fan
1972 Mobile Housing Unit Mobile housing unit (prototype)
Mobile Housing Unit by Richard Sapper with Marco Zanuso
1972 Study for City Traffic in Milan Competition entry
1972 Bicycle Umbrella Study for City Traffic in Milan (prototype)
Bicycle Umbrella by Richard Sapper
1971 Rocket Digital clock
1971 Tantalo Table clock
1971 Sandwich Alarm clock
Ritz-Italora Sandwich alarm clock Richard Sapper
1970 Black Television set
Television set Brionvega Black
1970 FD 1102 Cable radio transmitter
Cable radio transmitter Brionvega
1990 Tizio Plus Desk lamp
Tizio Plus by Richard Sapper
1989 Secretaire Cabinet secretary
Secretaire 1989 Cabinet secretary Unifor by Sapper
1988 Uriuri Wrist watch
Uriuri 1988 Wrist watch Alessi by Richard Sapper
1988 System 26 Executive office chairs and seating
System 26 1988 Executive office chairs and seating by Richard Sapper
1988 Argo Track-lighting system
Argo 1988 Track-lighting system Artemide-Litech
1986 La Cintura di Orione Cookware set
1986 Aretusa Suspension lamp
1986 Suspension lamp Artemide
1986 From 9 to 5 Office furniture system
From 9 to 5 1986 Office furniture system Castelli
1986 Telephone Booth Telephone booth for German post office
Telephone booth for German post office Deutsche Bundespost by Richard Sapper
1985 Mod. 5140 Convertible personal computer
1985 Algol Portable TV set (3rd edition)
1986 Rumpus Room Project for exhibition
Rumpus Room by Richard Sapper
1984 Nena Folding armchair
Nena 1984 Folding armchair B&B Italia
1983 9091 Kettle
1982 4060 Tea and coffee service
4060 Alessi tea & coffee service set by Richard Sapper
1981 Spaghetti Fork Project for conference
Richard Sapper Spaghetti Fork
1981 Upright Typewriter Typewriter (prototype)
Typewriter (prototype) IBM by Richard Sapper
1999 Laser Door handle
1998 Aida Stacking chair
Aida Stacking Chair 1998 by Richard Sapper
1998 Orbiter Office lighting system
1997 Coban Coffee machine
Coban Coffee Maker
1995 ThinkPad 701 Laptop computer
1995 RS01 Cutlery set
Alessi RS01 cutlery set by Richard Sapper
1990 RS02 Stackable tray set
Alessi RS02 Stackable Tray Set by Richard Sapper
1992 Leapfrog Tablet computer (prototype)
IBM Leapfrog Tablet computer by Richard Sapper with Sam Lucente
1990 Bandung Teapot
1992 ThinkPad 700C Laptop computer
IBM Thinkpad 700C - Sapper
1991 Astarte Wall-mounted lighting
1990 Power Transmission System Modular axle system
Power Transmission System Richard Sapper
2020 Plico Folding trolley
Alessi Plico Folding Trolley by Richard Sapper
1991 Swath Passenger ship with gambling facilities (model)
Swath Sapper Cosulich Genova
1991 PS/1 Mod. 111 Personal computer
PS/1 Mod. 111
2012 Sapper XYZ Monitor arm system
2013 ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptop computer
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
2012 Tonga Electric salt and pepper mill
Tonga Alessi Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Richard Sapper
2011 Sapper Multiple Monitor Beam Multiple monitor beams
Sapper Multiple Monitor Beams
2010 Sapper Monitor Arm Monitor arm system
2009 Skylight Smartbook computer
2008 La Cintura di Orione Set of steak knives with stand
Alessi set of steak knives La cintura di Orione
2008 La Cintura di Orione Kitchen knives set with stand
2007 Tizio LED Desk lamp
Tizio LED
2007 ThinkPad Reserve Special edition with leather casing
2007 Tosca Stacking chair
2006 ARS09 Espresso coffee maker
2005 Halley LED desk lamp
2004 Todo Cheese grater
Todo Alessi Cheese Grater by Richard Sapper
2003 Dialog 1 Ball point pen
Dialog 1 2003 Ball point pen Lamy
2003 Ala Shelving system
2003 Coat Hanger Coat hanger (prototype)
Coat Hanger Poltrona Frau by Richard Sapper
2002 T560 Flat panel computer display
T560 Flat panel computer display
2002 RS07 Electrical espresso coffee maker and travel set
Alessi RS07 Espresso coffee maker and tracvel set - Richard Sapper
2001 Netvista X41 Articulated Arm Computer Monitor Arm
2001 Aida Table Folding Table
2000 Zoombike Folding bicycle
2000 Netvista X41 PC Desktop Computer
Netvista X401 PC IBM